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The Playing of Roles Discussion

Post by Harry685 on Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:56 pm

I suppose I shall make a post further explaining the story I have just posted. In tPoR, you will take on two roles, of both a student player, age 9 to 21, and a character of any age, who lives in the world of an MMORPG, and is learning of the events that are unfolding just as the player is. There is not limit to what kind of world you choose for the character to be a part of; it can be anything from WoW-esque games to 1st person shooters. As the plot unfolds, the character will be able to come into the real world (or already has, if you choose) and will combine their in-game powers with the players, the result of which will be come to be known as a "Hero". Regardless of the name, a Hero can be good or evil. For example, if a player is generally good, but their character is an evil necromancer, their mind might be corrupted when the two combine, if their will is not strong enough.

I've thought up the following levels of the "bond" between the player and the character, that will progress from lowest to highest:

1. Normal "player controls character"; character remains in their own world
2. Character begins to become aware of their surroundings and tells player of such; character is still in their own world
3. Character is able to come into the real world via the computer. Normal interactions exist between the player and the character; in conflict, the two work as a pair, their powers separate from each other
4. The character is transformed into a small totem of sorts (a ring, a necklace, etc) that has conscious thoughts that can be transmitted to whomever they wish. At this point, the character is able to lend some of their strength/magic/other skills to the player.
5. The character and the player completely join, forming a Hero body (normally, the body of the player, but with additional strength/magic/etc) with two separate consciousnesses that work together (in the "necromancer" case, however, the character may dominate over the player, forcing their consciousness to retreat to a corner of their mind)


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