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*cough* Nevermind...

Post by Zip on Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:10 pm

Nothing to see here, guys. Move along...

A fellow in a grey hoodie is fiddling with a camera for a few seconds before sighing and giving up. He eventually gives up and presses a button and scampers over to a rolly chair behind a small, rectangular desk. Atop the desk is a potted plant fitted with a pair of glasses and an empty mug labeled, "Not an ironic coffee mug." The fellow hunches his shoulder and turns his chair, so that the back is facing the camera. He takes a deep breath and holds it, waiting for the camera to beep.

It never beeped though, because it went ding.

The room is sufficiently illuminated by a lamp and Ben Folds plays mutedly from an iPod in the background. It suddenly shuts off, and the chair turns around to reveal a scruffy looking fellow in grey eating a canister of yogurt. He stares at the camera for a few seconds, contemplating whether to finish it or not. He swallows what's in his mouth and puts it down. He adjusts his glasses and smiles.

"Oh, hello there roleplayers. I didn't see you there," he said, laden with sarcasm. "It's Zip!" he exclaimed throwing his arms into the air. "Uhh, well, it's summer here in the States, so school's out and I have a goal to go two and a half months without saying I'm bored, or some sort of variation thereoftoowherefore..." he said drifting off.
"But that's not the point of this video!" Zip waved his arms around. "No, see, some of my friends inspired by the vlogbrothers have decided to do their own vlogging thing with their OK Go friends. So, I decided that we should do that thing! That vlogging thingamadobber! You know, talk about what we do, and, uhh...things of that nature," he said with a half smile of some sort.
Zip leaned forward into the camera. "One rule rule, though, guys. You have to make your videos shorter than four paragraphs or else you'll have to do a PHYSICAL CHALLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNGE!" He coughed and leaned back into his chair. "Uhm, well, I expect a response from you guys soon. Stay green, stay safe, stay in the woods."

Zip turned off the camera, and went to his machine to upload the footage so he could edit it. Summer's going to be interesting, he thought.
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