The Rules!

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The Rules!

Post by Nayaby on Thu May 03, 2012 5:20 am

Our anarchic ways have gone on for far too long! This ends now! Hithertofore we have been much too lenient with each other! Let the rule-making begin!

Rule the First: All of the rules that follow hereto forth are of no force and effect.

Rule the Second: All forum members are welcome to create new rules at their leisure.

Rule the Third: Not using double-negatives will be disallowed.

Rule the Forth: Bats may not be kept as pets unless the keeper is a minimum of one quarter vampire.

Rule the Fifth: All children must finish their vegetables. Adults are welcome to taunt them and eat sweets as they do so.

Rule the Sixth: All immortals under the age of ten thousand must be accompanied by monkeys.

Rule the Seventh: No switching television channels away from any airing of Doctor Who, including reruns.

Rule the Eighth: All rules must have a beginning, a middle, and an end except

Rule the Ninth: Despite his lengthy absence, Draco remains our lord and liege. Long may he reign!

Rule the Tenth: Han shot first.

Rule the Eleventh: All forum members are required to explain in detail the differences between a shrub and a bush as per request.

Rule the Twelfth: Plotting to overthrow the government is strictly permitted.

Rule the Thirteenth: Humans may not refer to unfair treatment of others as inhumane, as unfair treatment of others is one of the few constant traits of humanity.

Rule the Fourteenth: Dragons must remain in the designated smoking area at all times.
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Re: The Rules!

Post by Areada on Thu May 03, 2012 12:01 pm

Hear hear! All hail Draco!

Rule the Fifteenth: Areada retains the right to censor all references to The Unmentionable Black Hole of Time, should she so wish, in the interest of preserving some semblance of productivity in the forum members.

Rule the Sixteenth: No admittance except on party business.

Rule the Seventeenth: Trespassing is only to be permitted in the event of prosecution.

Rule the Eighteenth: Prosecution is only to be permitted in the event of trespassing.


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Re: The Rules!

Post by Aequus on Thu May 03, 2012 8:33 pm

Rule the Nineteenth: No pooftahs.

Rule the Eighteenth: Rules may be referred to in base twelve at any humanoid or rodent's leisure.

Rule the Twenty-First: Disobey Rule the Twenty-Third.

Rule the Two-One-Two-Two-One-th: Base three-halves is allowed for dragons and fluff-balls in quadropod form.

Rule the Eleventeenth: Obey Rule the Two-One-Two-Two-Oh-th.

Rule the Twenty-Fourth: Humans must critique the tail of any other human they see.
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Re: The Rules!

Post by Zip on Sat May 05, 2012 12:57 am

Rule the Tee-wen-tee-fiftuh: I'm sure this doesn't need to be said. ...Fine. It should be worth noting that any discussion of orange penguins is prohibited. Suspect
...That went better than expected. Very Happy

Rule the Twenty-Sixth: Shoes are to be taken off when entering the rule blogging area. See? Those fellows get it. Hey, wait.

Rule the Twenty-Seventh: *sounds of struggle* Heeeelllpp meeeee... *large thud*
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Re: The Rules!

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